Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Mixture of Known & Unidentified Rogers & Olivers

On the back, this picture says, "the twins 11 years and mother 75
(or 71 and a comma stuck together?)
and myself 16 y- what a lie box 463"
The old woman looks like the same woman sitting below her portrait in B-5.

This is a tintype. Could this be John Rogers?


I'm pretty sure this is Lena, who would visit my grandmother (her niece).


This is Edith Rogers Oliver, her husband, Frank Oliver & their children, Elsie & Ralph.
If you look closely, there is a round picture of Sarah Clowes on the mantle next to the clock.
There is also a miniature of the huge portrait in picture B-5. The miniature is to the left of Edith on the shelf under the table. I can't tell who is in the other 3 portraits in the room.


A woman sits under her own portrait (now in my house).


Sadie Rogers Hemphill


This man may be Sadie's husband or a brother.
His picture was found with Sadie's


Emma Rogers Hight


I know the picture below is Edith because her address on Belmont St. is written on the back.


Are these the twins Emma & Edith Rogers, or sisters of another generation?


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